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Base Layer

The base layer of any footballer’s kit is as important as the strip itself, providing essential protection and improving overall performance. Endorsed by many leading professional athletes and footballers, base layer clothing is an innovative new concept that draws moisture away from the body while supporting muscles during activity. The result is an enhanced game, greater comfort and maximised performance.

At Lovell, our online store features the complete range of essential base layer kit and accessories at some of the lowest prices you will find online. The range comprises many items from major brands and includes:

Thanks to recent technological innovations, base layer material is extremely light, so it doesn’t impede movement or hinder performance. It’s also cleverly designed to function in all different climates and playing conditions, no matter how extreme. Our range of base layer clothing includes cold gear and hot gear, making it perfect for use all year round.

Base layer clothing is so efficient that it was used by US forces during the Iraq conflict to keep soldiers functioning well in the blistering heat of the desert. But other distinct capabilities have become just as important as base layer clothing has evolved.

Compression System

Much of our base layer range incorporates an innovative compression system that helps the muscles work better by providing them with gentle support and protection. This technology leads to enhanced strength and stamina for the athlete, allowing them to work longer with improved performance.

The number of professional athletes and footballers now using base layer clothing has grown significantly in recent years – testament to the fact that the technology really works.

For any serious athlete, the optimum base layer items are those that provide compression technology mentioned above. These include shorts, leggings and shirts, and are designed to be used in any number of different sporting activities.

Take a look around our online store to find out how you can raise your game with base layer clothing. Or call us direct on 0800 804 8521.